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Water Temperature Guage

Alba Racing

Water Temperature Guage

$ 179.95


These gauges have been to handle anything you can throw at them. Get them wet, hammer them through your biggest whoop section, what ever you can think of these gauges are built to take it. These are much more accurate and quicker reacting than your typical old school mechanical gauge. These have a built in microprocessor and a High torque stepper motor which keeps the needle planted and not shaking. These are the best of the best.

These are the only weatherproof gauges we know of. Built with microprocessor controlled high torque stepper motor for zero needle wiggle through rough terrain.

-Weather proof design.
-Fits into 52mm hole 2.062".
-internal microprocessor controls the pointer movement.
-Digital high torque stepper motor ensures accurate pointer movement in racing conditions.
-Extended high quality sealed wire harness included to fit you UTV.
-Electric sender unit.
-Complete kit (nothing else needed to install).
-5 year warranty.
-Made in the USA. 

**Optional inline sender adapter, installs in the coolant line for an easy install. 

Back Light Color -Look at the 3 gauge comparison to see them at night!
#1 Black face with blue back light (OEM colors of XP1000, XP1000 4 and XP Turbo speedo)
#2 Black face with white back light (OEM color for CamAm Maverick speedo)
#3 White face with red back light (OEM color for XP900 speedo)

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