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RZR 1000 Billet Motor Mount Kit & Front Diff Shim Kit

Sandcraft RCR

RZR 1000 Billet Motor Mount Kit & Front Diff Shim Kit

$ 235.00


Sandcraft Motorsports New Billet motor mounts are the only solution for longevity and decreasing vibration while rated to absorb the constant load of the motor and torque when under load.

Sandcraft Motorsports is the ONLY company that has integrated an upgraded motor mount design while decreasing the output shaft & operating angle that increases the slip yoke ability within the spline shaft movement. This allows less stress transferred into the driveline, the transmissionäó»s internal components, & decreases the amount of load on the clutches & belt for a longer life span.

Our Billet motor mount kit also includes the first ever billet front diff. shim kit, which decreases the input shaft and operating angles. This allows less stress on the front diff. ring & pinion gears, internal bearings & seals, & the front driveline u-joint, which creates longer life.

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