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RJWC CF Moto 800/820 ATV Single Slip-on Mud Edition


RJWC CF Moto 800/820 ATV Single Slip-on Mud Edition

$ 549.00

This exhaust will not fit XC models


  • Built and assembled in our shop in northern Sweden
  • All SS304 stainless in cans and tubes
  • Aluminum parts are 6061 CNC machined
  • Precision TIG-welded with high-quality filler rod
  • Mandrel-bent tubing
  • All Mud Edition mufflers are repackable with RJWC Core wrap
  • A model-specific repacking kit is available
  • Great power increase
  • Incredible deep and clean sound guaranteed
  • Spark arrestor included

 Overnight or other express shipping options cannot be guaranteed! This is a special order item and is non-refundable. 

No expenses are spared in the production to make the finest top tier exhaust for ATV's on the market - We truly believe this is the highest quality exhaust system you can buy.

Observe that all our exhausts and mufflers are bolt-on, and are made to fit stock vehicles. We can not take responsibility for any aftermarket modifications or additions made to any vehicle.

This exhaust is for SWB, not LWB

Fuel Tuner

We always recommend that you use a Fuel Tuner (EFI-tuner) combined with any of our exhaust systems. This is to prevent the engine to run lean which can damage your engine. To ensure correct air to fuel mixture make sure you follow the Fuel Tuner manufacturer's recommended settings.

An option would be a full EFI Tune with re-flashing or similar. Problems with the exhaust due to the engine not running correctly are is not a valid warranty claim.

If your machine differs from the base model you may need to add another tune, turndown pipe, etc. to make things fit and work correctly.

Extra Information

Mud Edition
3.60 KGS
HS Code:
Commodity description:
Stainless steel ATV exhaust part
Country of origin:
Commodity composition:
Stainless steel and aluminum

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