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Yamaha NGK 5946  LMAR6A-9 Spark Plug


Yamaha NGK 5946 LMAR6A-9 Spark Plug

$ 12.95

Yamaha Spark Plug
  • Plug Number: LMAR6A-9
  • Center Electrode Material: Nickel


Corrugated ribs to prevent flashover; high dielectric strength; proper heat transfer; eliminates combustion gas leakage; greater spark and heat transfer; improved anti-fouling; corrosion-resistant.Triple gasket-sealing process virtually eliminates gas leakage past the shell99% highly pure alumina silicate insulator enables use of longer insulator noses to reduce foulingThree-step trivalent-plating process uses silver chromate and zinc for maximum corrosion resistance


  • Gap (In): 0.036 Inch
  • Gap (mm): 0.9mm
  • Heat Range: 6
  • Hex Size (In): 9/16 Inch
  • Hex Size (mm): 14mm
  • Resistor Plug: Yes
  • Type Of Resistor: Standard
  • Seat: Gasket
  • Thread Size: 10mm
  • Thread Reach (In): 1 Inch
  • Thread Reach (mm): 26.5mm
  • Approximate Resistor Value (Ohm): 5K Ohm
  • Center Electrode Core Material: Copper
  • Center Electrode Tip Material: Nickel
  • Ground Configuration: Standard
  • Ground Electrode Core Material: Nickel
  • Ground Electrode Tip Design: Standard
  • Insulator Height (mm): 50.5mm
  • Number Of Ground Electrodes: 1

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