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Artic-cat Mudpro 700 / 1000, H1 550 / 700, H2 1000 Thundercat Single Slip-on Krossflow RJWC Exhaust


Artic-cat Mudpro 700 / 1000, H1 550 / 700, H2 1000 Thundercat Single Slip-on Krossflow RJWC Exhaust

$ 599.00

This single slip-on will fit your 2008-2018 Artic Cat Mudpro 700 & 1000, H1 550 & 700, and H2 1000 Thundercat models. Everything is bolt on!

The RJWC Krossflow is the latest development

This is, in comparison to Mud Edition, a quieter option with retained flow and heat dissipation. This system replaces the old Baffletech and is available to all models we currently have Mud Edition for.

The Krossflow muffler is fully repackable and compared to other brands you can take it apart in just minutes to service it.  All parts are interchangeable with the parts from our Mud Edition.

As in the Mud Edition, the end tip and clamp are machined from a solid piece of aluminum, the end tip is also powder-coated with hard heat resistant material.

The end tip also has more gravity to it to work as a heatsink for the muffler which helps to keep the temperature down in the muffler body and core

When you remove the end tip and clamp you get 100% access to the inside of the muffler and the inner core that you can easily remove for cleaning and repacking.

  • Lower sound level than Mud Edition
  • Repack and service your muffler fast and easy!
  • Gain horsepower and torque
  • Deep, dark, almost evil sound
  • 100% stainless construction
  • All parts interchangeable with Mud Edition (except old style Quiet Core)


Fuel tuner:

Don't forget to order the RJWC Dobeck EFI programmer / tuner to maximize the potential of your exhaust setup! We always recommend that you use a Fuel Tuner (EFI-tuner) combined with any of our exhaust systems. This is to prevent the engine from running lean which can damage your engine. To ensure correct air to fuel mixture make sure you follow the Fuel Tuner manufacturers recommended settings.


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     RJWC exhaust systems give you more power, good looks, and they last!


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